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I am 12 years old. I am a student at LCMS. I am in Mrs.Lofton’s period 3 class. This blog is a class assignment. Each of us has our own blog. Mrs.Lofton assigns us something to write about and then we do it on our blog. I live in a house with my parents and my 2 sisters. We have our pets also, Blue our chihuahua, Sidney our snake, Larry our parrot, 4 parakeets Angel (mine), Sapphire (my mom’s), Goldy (my sister’s), and Nick (my other sister’s). I play soccer and I love to do art. Some of my favorites…….. Color: Blue Food: Any Italian Food one of my favorites is Baked Ziti (Heres a link to a site for the resipe ) Animal: Cuban Tree Frog Sport: Soccer Song: You belong with me by Taylor Swift Place: Beach Book: 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass Book Series: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares TV Show: Monk/ CSI Miami/ Law and Order Ice Cream: cookies and cream/ mint and chip Dessert: Cup Cakes Red Velvet(heres a link to the recipe ) Coffee Place: Starbucks Restraunt: Woodranch Fast food restraunt: In n’ Out Store: Claire’s, Forever 21 and Abercrombie Drink: Shirley Temple Fruit: cherry Veggie: Carrots


On my blog I have 14 postings. Most of my blog postings are school related because this blog was created for my language arts class. I have 25 comments. 17 of those comments are from students, 5 from teachers, and 3 comments are from others. The  comments are from the blog postings creativity. That happens […]

Creativity #2


In the very beginning I wrote a posting on creativity. I think that posting is one of my favorite postings. I love it because I really let my opinions out. My opinions have not changed since the beginning of the year. I still believe that every thing in that posting has the same effect on […]


Cool Myspace Generators


Hello it’s Daddy’s Angel.First, I would like to point out that i do not have a phone yet. Yes I would love to have a phone. I think that teens are texting alot and sending a lot of unnecessary text messages. Alot of teen are texting for fun and I understand that, but what I […]

11 Birthbays By: Wendy Mass


This picture from flicker represents Amanda and Leo because they where best friends. Amanda and Leo are born on the same exact day in a small city. Ever since their first birthday they have spent every birthday together, even hosting joint birthday parties together. They are unsure why they have always felt the need […]

My Spring Break


On Monday morning around 8 I woke up because my dad was shaking me and saying, “Wake up, get out of bed, get dressed, Clean!” So that is what I did. I got out of bed and I got dressed. I went down stairs and I was freezing, and so I put my jacket on.  […]



Hello this is daddysangel with an animoto. We all need to save water. I know I’m a little late World Water Day was Monday March 22, but you are never to late to help. You can help each day with little things you can do… Here are some ways you can use water more efficiently. […]

Agoura Hills?


I live in the universe. I live on Earth. I live in North America. I live in the USA. I live California. I live in Los Angeles. I live in Agoura Hills. I think of where I live I think Agoura Hills. But now I am really thinking that if I go some where and […]

I am an author!!!!


Hello today I am pretending I am an author and I have just published a book called Elevator. In the book Elevator a girl named Morgan-Taylor is taking her best friend Stephanie to Florida for her 16th birth day. They have everything prepared for the trip the place,s the food and the flight back home. […]

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